Ecuador Cup of Excellence 2021

July 11, 2022

The Cup of Excellence is considered the most important and prestigious coffee event in the world. The first edition of 2021 is taking place these days in Ecuador. The event, organised by the Alliance for Coffee Excellence (ACE), began with the participation of around 100 Ecuadorian producers whose samples had been received by last August. 43 of them were selected with their Arabica coffees scoring more than 86 points.  

It is the first time that so many farmers have participated in a coffee event in Ecuador. This speaks for the quality and production of this privileged product. The provinces represented are Loja and Chimborazo (Southern Ecuador), Pichincha and Imbabura (Northern Ecuador), Napo, Zamora and Pastaza (Amazonian Ecuador).

30 of the country's best coffees and the official results will be announced during the virtual ceremony on 15 October in Quito. The Cup of Excellence 2021 auction will take place on 23 November.

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