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The Quinde Project

5% of the proceeds from our coffee are earmarked for the protection of hummingbirds in Ecuador.

MishkiYaku and the Ecuadorian NGO "Aves y Conservación de Ecuador" have joined their interests and forces to protect the hummingbirds in Ecuador and their habitats and populations.  These beautiful birds, known as the smallest in the world, live in different regions of the country and brighten up the landscape with their bright colours. Unfortunately, these beautiful birds are also threatened by progressive, uncontrolled urbanisation and environmental degradation.

Image of Hummingbird in someone's hands

The "Quindes" from the Ecuadorian language Kichwa, are a particularly charismatic and an important group for maintaining ecosystem functions. They inhabit almost all regions of Ecuador. They are as diverse as the country itself and are frequent guests on coffee plantations. These birds make a positive contribution to the conservation of critical habitats and can serve as an indicator of the effects of climate change, especially on wildlife. With our strategic partnership, a joint international plan and a clearly defined approach, this project has the potential to have a far-reaching impact on conservation in Ecuador.

"Bright as Hummingbirds"

Our project looks at creating action plans, developing education programmes and promoting research to fill information gaps and support the implementation of conservation measures.

The inputs generated will be shared with land and forest managers, agencies and the general public so that appropriate decisions can be made in the sustainable management of public and private lands. In addition to promoting cooperation among agencies and institutions so that they can meet goals and priorities aimed at conserving ecosystems in general.

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