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My husband loves the coffee from my home country, Ecuador. Whenever I came back to Berlin from my visits, I had to bring him a big suitcase full of coffee. That's his supply for a whole year - until I leave for another visit. We have also given away a few packs to our family and friends here. They all have always raved about Ecuadorian coffee and asked for more.

Each time, the bags got bigger and heavier.
We wondered what was so special about Ecuadorian coffee. The diversity of the country, the high altitudes of the Andes, the humid warmth of the rainforest, the salt of the Pacific? A multitude of exotic varieties find perfect conditions here.

The beans that thrive on the equator are extremely popular with connoisseurs. Some even say they are the best in the world. But Ecuadorian coffee is largely unknown in Germany. And we want to change that!

We contacted a coffee producer in the Andes - near my hometown Quito - and had him send us a few bags of his current harvest. With the help of an experienced roasting master here from Berlin, we then roasted the coffee. Now we just have to get it out of our bags and pour it into your cups. On 21.03.2021 my husband and I have decided to build a coffee empire in Germany and that although, we didn't have the slightest idea about coffee, until now.

We would like to invite you to join us on our journey of discovery. We want you to share in our learning process, our hopefully not too big setbacks and our hopefully soon to come successes. Join us in the places where our coffee is grown. Let's visit the local farmers together. Be there when the beans are collected and fermented. Pack the jute bags with us and join us in the queue at customs. Let's roast, weigh and pack the beans together. Let's enjoy a cup of good specialty coffee together and learn why life is too short for cheap coffee.

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What We Care About

Love for Ecuador

Ecuador has the best conditions for the kind of coffee we want to make and is a model of biodiversity for the world. We truly feel that Ecuador preserved something we in modern societies have lost. We want to bring more Ecuador to Europe and show our strong connection with this beautiful country.


All aspects, from procurement to sales, are characterized by close cooperation and an open and personal approach by all stakeholders. Only together we can guarantee our customers high-quality, sustainable and socially traded specialty coffee.


We want to raise your awareness of the social and environmental impact of coffee consumption. Reflecting the complex global process of coffee consumption, fragile livelihoods in coffee countries, and the impact of coffee production and consumption on planet Earth is at the core of our small business.


We believe sustainability in coffee starts with the financial sustainability of farmers. To make a difference, we believe we must start with ourselves by creating coffee experiences that contribute to their development.


MishkiYaku, a word from the ecuadorian Kichwa, means "delicious water" and refers to the sugary nectar that the hummingbirds sip from small calyxes with their long, thin beaks. They inhabit almost all regions of Ecuador. They are as diverse as the country itself and are frequent guests of the coffee plantations. Furthermore, in the mythology of the ancient Incas, they are considered the messengers of people's thoughts and desires.

Our Coffee

The company imports raw ("green") Arabica coffee beans with high quality rating (currently the varieties Caturra, Typica and Sidra) from, small selected Ecuadorian plantations to Germany. Here the beans are roasted by David Rozali, an experienced roaster and Q-grader, using the traditional drum roasting method. The distribution takes place via our online store. What is special about our company is the direct trade; the short supply chains, immediate quality control, the targeted roasting of the beans according to their respective characteristics. We ensure sustainable packaging and production and an explosive taste experience.

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