Our Coffee and the SDGs

The Sustainable Development Goals are seventeen goals set by the United Nations (UN). They are to be implemented by everyone for everyone. They are a call to action for MishkiYaku too. We are building partnerships locally and globally with our coffee farmers and partners to help achieve these goals.

No poverty

Contributing to the reduction of poverty by trading directly with our coffee producers, paying fair and increasing their profitability

Zero hunger

Achieving food security and promoting sustainable agriculture leading to zero hunger

Quality deucation

Supporting to create robust livelihoods that lead to a better quality of education for children

Clean water and sanitation

Encouraging sustainable production that increases the management of water for consumption

Decent work and economic growth

Investing in rural communities promoting the generation of economic growth

Reduced inequalities

Working with producers to fostering the reduction of inequalities

Responsible consumption and production

Contributing to create a sustainable coffee sector depends on our ability to balance responsible consumption and production

Climate action

Fostering education and sustainable practices to help farmers adapting to climate change and its future impact

Life on land

Promoting the conservation of life on land by educating and training

Our Coffee and CO2 Footprint

Our goal is to continuously make our products more CO2- and environmentally friendly, support other sustainable and social projects and raise awareness. We pay attention to avoid climate change at every step of our value chain.

The growing conditions of our specialty coffee are essential for the aroma and flavor of an excellent coffee. Therefore proper storage and packaging play a very important role. Our Ecuadorian coffee is roasted and packed locally in Berlin. In addition, we sell it in beans, so it retains its aroma and flavor for much longer. We use special aroma packaging made from certified, 100% aluminum-free and recyclable materials. Our special pouches are resealable and refillable, so we encourage our customers to reuse them. This contributes to our goal of lowering CO2 emissions and protecting the environment.
We look all the time for even more sustainable packaging options. We use 100% recycled paper label material including adhesive.

We are working on emission-free shipping. All products from our coffee shop are shipped in packages that consist of at least 90 percent recycled material.

image of label