Between Olympian gods and specialty coffees

July 19, 2023

After one year of visiting the World of Coffee (WoC) in Milan and figuring out the absence of Ecuadorian producers and companies offering specialty coffee, it has been a great reward to share this year’s stand with two Ecuadorian startups and get to know other passionate bringing their products and concepts to this year’s World of Coffee in Athens.

So, for the first time an Ecuadorian booth was present at the WoC in Athens (🇬🇷). Makicuna Coffee and Yumbo Trading were hosting the stand. Mishki Yaku Coffee was supporting and promoting the highest-class coffees of all Ecuadorian regions and sustainability projects focusing on hummingbirds.

We had the opportunity to meet incredible coffee lovers, we interviewed the Ecuadorian Consul in Greece, we met with PRO-Ecuador Italy, we had the pleasure of Cupping Mishki Yaku specialty coffee with our Coffee Connoisseurs and friends from Serbia and Barista Champion from Puerto Rico and we also met people from last year who really made us feel proud of promoting our beautiful country and sharing why Ecuadorian specialty coffees are so unique as well as its biodiversity.

We also felt proud of representing women in the coffee business world and had the chance to meet and exchange ideas with other powerful hard-working women like us!

We can’t wait for the next WoC in Copenhagen (🇩🇰)!