Witoca - Miraflores

Macario Legarda

Macario Legarda is a producer from the Napo province in the Amazonian rainforest region of Ecuador. His Hacienda “Miraflores” belongs to the Witoca Cooperative.The producers from this region cultivate mainly Robusta coffee varieties through sustainable farming practices, using natural fertilizers and pesticides and preserving the surrounding rainforest ecosystem.The indigenous Kichwa people of the Payamino community are focusing on processing fine Robusta coffees, using traditional cultivation methods to grow and harvest coffee beans.


The forest remnant of the Bocana Napo and Payamino River Protection Zone is an important refuge/sink for several species of flora and fauna that maintain the urban sector of Francisco de Orellana. The Coca River is part of the Napo watershed, it contributes to the formation of the Napo and its channel helps the navigability of river transportation for the sector's inhabitants.The Payamino River originates to the east of the Sumaco Volcano and is the product of several tributary rivers.