Hacienda Legrand

Denise Bustamante

Hacienda Legrand is a farm located in the province of Santa Elena (Ecuador). Denise's family has a long tradition in the production of Robusta coffee (Canephora) and now they have dedicated themselves to the production of Robusta hybrids with genetic diversification, which is crucial for the production of fine Robustas such as their new variety Ecurobusta.Hacienda Legrand has been working since 2007 in the search for the best Robusta coffee materials in Ecuador, investigating every aspect of this genetic material and its importance for the environment.One of the biggest challenges for Legrand's producers has been to demonstrate that the Santa Elena Peninsula has a great potential for Robusta coffee under the conditions of being close to the sea.With their hybrid varieties of Ecuadorian Ecurobusta, they have positioned themselves in international markets and have demonstrated that in the country there is a differentiated coffee with traceability, with added values, and that it has the best fine robusta coffees.

Santa Elena

Santa Elena is considered the youngest province in Ecuador. It has a hotel infrastructure that offers opportunities for cultural, adventurous, historical tourism and more in each of its corners. Its main beaches are Salinas and Montañita, with great tourist attraction, and its economy is based on the fish market. The province of Santa Elena is very popular during the vacation season and holidays and offers the following attractions: Salinas, Montañita, Chocolatera, Museo los Amantes de Sumpa, Baños de San Vicente, Acuario de Valdivia, Malecón la Libertad, Manglaralto, Colonche, Playa Punta Blanca, Ayangue, Museo Real Alto, Ballenita, Comuna Sacachún, Ancón, Playa San Pablo and Pechiche.