Hacienda San Agustin

Alfonso Villagomez

The Finca San Agustin is one of the few coffee-producing farms located practically in the heart of the Tulipe region, known for being occupied by The Yumbos -an ancient nomad tribe known for stablishing only in very special places for agriculture or astronomic purposes- hundreds of years ago. The farm can be visited one hour northwest of the capital Quito in the Pichincha Province.  Alfonso Villagomez comes from a generation of farmers, continuing the tradition of producing high quality coffee.The Dávalos family acquired these lands 40 years ago and dedicated them for dairy purposes mostly. As time passed by, coffe started to grow in a very special way (from one single plant brought from Colombia in a family trip) and they noticed it had a unique flavor.The potential of this land is huge and, in the years to come, there will be more than 15 hectares producing only high quality- specialty coffee varieties.


The province of Pichincha has different tourist, natural, ancestral, productive and gastronomic places to know, one of them is the parish of Gualea. There are beautiful places to visit such as the hot springs, the tallo cave, the archaeological sites of the Yumbo people, the rivers and waterfalls that we have and a delicious gastronomy. The parish of Gualea is located in the bio-region of Chocó, northwest of the province of Pichincha, is categorized as one of the ten most biodiverse areas in the world for its archaeological remains found in the area, these show that formerly Gualea was a great manor of the Yumbo people. In the parish of Gualea we can find very interesting places such as La Cueva de los Tayos de Gualea, a natural site located in the Miravalle sector, in the bioregion of Chocó, two hours from the city of Quito, on the road to Pacto, it is one of the 10 most biodiverse areas in the world.