Hacienda Lugmapata

Enrique Merino

Lugmapata is one of the small, family-run farms that have contributed to the country’s increasing yields of high-quality specialty coffee. It’s located in Pallatanga, in the Chimborazo Province in the central Ecuadorian Andes, a few hours away from the capital Quito.The picturesque region is home to Ecuador’s highest mountain, Chimborazo, as well as a part of Sangay National Park and rolling hills cut by valleys and fresh water streams. The farm has more than 100 years, Enrique Merino is now the third generation owner of the farm and is producing ever increasingly higher quality specialty coffees.They focus on promoting this single origin, natural processed varieties. The water used in the farm comes from the highlands. Enrique has developed a coffee nursery that he has made available to his entire local community to provide training and education on how to start producing high quality specialty coffee


Pallatanga is a canton in the province of Chimborazo in Ecuador. It is located about 2 hours and 30 minutes from the provincial capital, Riobamba, and 4 hours and 30 minutes from Guayaquil. Due to its geographical location it has a pleasant climate with an average temperature of 20 ° C, which has made it a tourist attraction, where there are holiday farms that allow you to enjoy the beauty of its landscapes, as well as being one of the main agricultural producers in the province. Its main products are potatoes, beans, tomatoes, corn and small fruits such as strawberries.This part of the province celebrates the festivities of San Miguel and La Virgen de La Merced, in which you can see that it is a welcoming place; they have restaurants and residential for tourists. This area is one of the largest agricultural producers in the province of Chimborazo. Canton Pallatanga does not have rural parishes so it is considered only the matrix as the only parish.