Hacienda Casa Rumisitana

Wilma Peñaherrera

Casa Rumisitana, located in Nanegalito, northwest of Quito, is a farm owned by the Peñaherrera family formed by Wilma, Fausto, Fernando and Diana.Since 2015 they have been dedicated to growing specialty coffee, which has won several awards for its quality. Their focus is on creating a natural environment for wildlife.The farm  is part of the Andean Bear Ecological Corridor in the northwest of Quito and the Seventh Biosphere Reserve of Ecuador.The family is focused on environmentally responsible activities for the conservation of the habitat of the Andean bear and other species significant to nature.


The Nanegalito parish is located in the Alambi River micro-basin. Its inhabitants are dedicated to the exploitation of wood and agricultural activities. Here you can not miss the magical places for tourism.Here is the Orchid Reserve El Pahuma. It can be reached by taking the Calacalí - La Independencia road from the Mitad del Mundo traffic circle. Approximately in one hour you arrive at Km 43 to enter the Reserve.Another place worth visiting is the Alambi River Reserve, on the Calacalí - La Independencia road Km 52 1/2, taking the Manuel Córdova Galarza Highway and then the Calacalí - La Independencia road, passing El Pahuma you will arrive at El Chozón Restaurant. In front of the restaurant there is a trail that leads to the waterfalls. It is recommended to go with a guide.