Hacienda El Aguacate

Pablo Eguiguren

The farm belongs to his grandfather Gonzalo, who delegated the administration to him, and is currently undergoing a process of transformation towards a specialty coffee infrastructure, gaining more and more reputation.The 4.5-hectare farm produces around 100 quintals per year. Pablo elaborates three types of beans: the natural, which is dried with the whole cherry; the "honey", which is made with the honey produced by the coffee bean itself; and the washed, from which the sugars are extracted in the fermentation process.The conditions in which Loja is located, on the equatorial line, at an altitude of 2,100 meters in the Andes Mountains, with perpendicular rays of sunlight and a characteristic rainfall, give coffee its differentiation and recognition.El Aguacate is part of the denomination "Lojano, Café de Origen".


The parish is located to the north of the city of Loja. It is traditional for its architecture. To walk through its Central Plaza is to go back to the past. Its church and museum inside keep religious pieces that attract the attention of locals and tourists. Another traditional place is its main square, where you can take a quiet walk and observe colonial style houses. The beauty of its houses, still preserve an architectural uniformity. The houses were built with adobe, wattle and daub and tile.Inside the parish church, there are invaluable works such as the "Cuadro de las Almas". And mainly, what calls the attention, is the Museum of Religious and Colonial Art San Juan de El Valle, in which paintings and sculptures dating from more than 400 years ago are preserved.