Quito a paradise for birdwatching

July 11, 2022

Quito, the capital of Ecuador, has about 500 species of birds, which would constitute a third of those existing in the whole country. There are several sites adapted for the sighting of various species such as small hummingbirds and other colourful birds. The mixture of green areas and the asphalted parts of the city make this a unique tourist experience.

Many of the bird species can be seen within a few minutes' walk in the city's neighbourhoods and surrounding areas, at any time of day, such as Nono or Mindo, while others require an early morning hike up the mountain.

The metropolitan city has more than 80% of a total of 286,805 hectares of forest that make up the Pichincha Andean Chocó, recognised in 2018 by UNESCO as a Biosphere Reserve, which includes an area of Andean forests of approximately 14,000 hectares, natural habitat for a diversity of birds.

The pandemic drastically reduced the flow of foreign bird-loving tourists. However, local tourism has increased significantly, as locals are reunited with nature amidst the brilliance and beauty of the hummingbirds and the admirable songs of various birds that intrude into the everyday life of a city full of life and noise.

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