Finca la Comarca

Javier Coronel Burneo and Family

The farm is located at an altitude of 1,470 meters above sea level with a dry subtropical climate and an average temperature of 20°C. In the past the farm used to produce panela from sugar cane.

Javier Coronel and his family are the first generation of specialty coffee producers. They started with the project approximately 2 years ago. This united family has great confidence in the cultivation of coffee as an ecological subsistence product.

Within the farm one can observe a large number of hummingbirds and other birds that are very characteristic of the area, as well as pollinating insects such as bees, which roam around the crops all the time.

Image of founder


Vilcabamba in Quechua, HUILLOPAMBA, which means "Sacred Valley", 40 km from the city of Loja, is a valley at 1,700 meters above sea level, watered by the rivers Chamba and Uchima. Its houses are built with tapia, adobe and wood, with interior patios and wide doorways. They grow corn, peanuts, bananas, tobacco, sugar cane, yucca, citrus, diverse fruit trees and in the past years a great specialty coffee.

A high percentage of the population is long-lived. Vilcabamba has been and is the place that has attracted the attention of scientists.  To this center of world curiosity, where a high percentage of the population reaches to live more than 100 years. Its people are quiet and friendly, mostly dedicated to agriculture.

Nestled in the middle of the valley is the Cerro Mandango "Dios Acostado", this mound has the shape of a pyramid of which a series of fables and legends are told.

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